About Me


Miranda Green is an Editorial Assistant at The Newsweek Week Daily Beast Company in Washington D.C. She graduated from The George Washington University cum laude with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication in January 2012.

Her work includes writing and researching politically charged stories for the TheDailyBeast.com. Her previous work experiences include producing news segements at ABC 7/ News Channel 8 in the DC Metro area and internships at 60 Minutes–CBS, Bereneson Communications and Amnesty International, USA.  She was an editor for her university’s newspaper of record The GW Hatchet since January 2009. Additionally she has contributed to D.C. based Planetforward.org, a PBS affiliated program.  She began her career in journalism interning for the Santa Barbara News-Press in the summer of 2009 where she wrote over 50 published articles.

Miranda was initially drawn to journalism because of the creative yet substantive writing opportunities it offered. As she continued her education in college she gravitated towards feature and multimedia reporting, understanding the unique  opportunities that visual and online journalism offer.  Interning and working in DC, she also became attuned to political writing. Today she is interested a wide range of reporting topics but still clings to her feature writing past. Miranda sees the future of journalism lying in multimedia reporting, where news and features stories are told through multiple mediums.  In her opinion everything has a story, and with the new technologies available, now there are just more ways to tell the tale.


One thought on “About Me

  1. If you’re going to quote Trump, do it correctly. He didn’t tweet “heal”, he tweeted “heel” twice. Sloppy reporting.

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